Service Times: In-Person, Sundays 10 am PT(Live Stream, Sundays 10:30 am PT, Watch Here >>)

As a church, Lifestream is continuously striving to provide an atmosphere of love, acceptance and sensitivity to those who are hurting and those who, like everyone else, feel the need to belong.

Mission Statement

Lifestream exist to encourage and facilitate a multi-cultural, interdenominational celebration of God's presence. We seek to edify each other through sound and balance scriptural teaching; demonstrate God's love through faithful witness and living Godly lives; engage the culture through a positive presence in the community and bring about change through our message who is Jesus Christ.

Our Core Values

We started in 1998 as Filipino Fellowship @ Renton Assembly (FFRA). In December, 2002 we made a decision – as a fellowship – to “step out of the boat so we could walk on water”. In January 2003, the very first LifeStream worship service was held @ the residence of Pastor Art and Genevieve Pena. The rest, as they say, is history.

  1. We desire to provide an inclusive environment that addresses “our people’s” need to belong and feel accepted.
  2. We value cultivating intimacy in our relationship with God and others so, we emphasize developing and bridging relationships with God and others.
  3. We intend to carve out and design tailor-made activities and programs that cater to the cultural uniqueness of Filipino-Americans.
  4. We value the strong religious traditions of Filipinos so we cherish the opportunity to demonstrate sensitivity and cautious, respectful approach without compromising the gospel message.
  5. We also recognize the Filipino’s love for entertainment, music and the arts so we plan to incorporate activities that provide expression in these areas.


We envision a fellowship that would attract worshippers, predominantly of Filipino-American composition but spiced-up with representations from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds, colors and cultures.

LifeStream Worship Center, Renton – by the grace of God – will develop into a church that will engage in a multi-faceted ministry and emerge as catalyst for bringing people to the foot of the cross and demonstrate an unbridled, unequivocal obedience to the Great Commission!