God’s call and promise to LifeStream as a missions church could not have been more distinct, specific or deliberate. It is “minister to your own people”.

LifeStream’s conception as a missionary fellowship can be traced back to Pastor Art Pena’s initial meeting with Dr. Jim Hayford of Eastside Foursquare Church in Bothell, WA, November of 2002.

Incidentally, earlier that year, Pastor Hayford spearheaded the fastest-growing church plant program Foursquare Philippines has ever experienced! Through the Urban Church Planting Project (UCPP), more than 100 new Foursquare churches have been planted in the “poorest of the poor” areas of Metro Manila in just 3 short years!

As Pastor Jim shared highlights of the project, he made a statement that breathed life and shed light to a vision that was dormant. He said: “I have a special place in my heart for your people”! That statement emerged as catalyst for that precise “moment of conception”! LifeStream was conceived in the spirit-world with Foursquare DNA! The birthing process began! The call to “minister to our own people”, affirmed! And God started to lead Pastor Art in finding his way back to his roots with Foursquare, whose mantra is “Dedication to interdenominational, worldwide Evangelism”.

The Vision

Meanwhile, God had started to speak to Pastor Art about Iloilo... and the West Visayas region in Central Philippines - ...

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Philippine Missions

Mission/Vision 1. Identify target locations starting with known LifeStreamer connections and needs and conduct an evangelistic medical mission using ...

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Western Visayas Outreach

As a result of this effort, close to 500 people's lives were changed as they gave their lives to God ...

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Luzon Outreach

It was a valuable opportunity for a holistic ministry. Overall, we were able to impact the lives of 1121 registered ...

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