What’s important to people and what positively affects them is what we at LifeStream consider NEWS! Here are some of them.

Lifestream Summer Picnic 2016

We look forward to our Annual LifeStream Summer Picnic on Saturday, July 30th, 2016! As usual we will be at the South Shed 1 of GENE COULON PARK in Renton where we’ve always been for the past several years! Other than the parking issue, it’s undeniably the most ideal place ... continue »

LWC Pastoral Staff

God never ceases to amaze in the way He orchestrates events in our lives and ministries! At LifeStream, He has brought second to none volunteer Pastoral staff members! Absent for any fanfare, they have assumed their respective positions. In 2016, Lead Pastor Art Pena is flanked by Roland Gayo who assumes the role ... continue »