Service Times: In-Person, Sundays 10 am PT(Live Stream, Sundays 10:30 am PT, Watch Here >>)

We have prayerfully launched ministries that are geared to meet the Spiritual, relational, family and as the Lord equips us, the financial needs of people.

Those involved in our ministries are ordinary people who love God and desire to serve Him by loving people and serving them.

We pray that you will find that missing “piece of the puzzle” that will help put the picture together for you. We are aware that some people gravitate towards good teaching and worship; others because they want to make new friends. Still others have realistic issues that need to be addressed.

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Senior Pastor: Art Pena

Art is lead Pastor at LifeStream Worship Center in Renton Washington. Art and his wife Genevieve have 2 kids – Michelle and Michael. Lifestream started Art and Gen’s home in January, 2003. They recall that in spite of their reluctance to be pastors of a church – much less start one – God’s call for them was persistent, unmistakable and 3-fold:

  1. Humble yourself before me
  2. I will put words in our mouth
  3. I will use you to minister to your own people
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Assitant Pastor: Roland Gayo

Roland is LifeStream’s multi-talented Pastor in charge of Media Arts ministries. He and his wife Jill are parents to Gayle. As an experienced preacher and worship leader, Roland headed Lifestream’s music ministry for 2 years. Recently, he led the men’s ministry until his packed schedule including full time secular work and studies wouldn’t allow him.

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Youth Pastor: Jessie Santos

Jessie is a musician and artist with a history of starting a vibrant youth ministry from scratch, employing innovative ideas in the Philippines. Currently, he has shown signs of duplicating just that at LifeStream. He and his wife Rizza have 2 sons: Zaki and Z.


Vallie Pavino


Maria Makamanivong

Worship Ministry

Summer Joy Bermejo

Youth Ministry

Jessie Santos

Children's Ministry

Rizza Santos

Women's Ministry

Genevieve Pena

Missions And Outreach

Art Pena

Genevieve Pena


Roland Gayo

William Ngo

Michael Pena

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